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Our company therefore operates according to three main principles: multinational, professional and innovative services. Our young and dynamic team supports our multinational clients with experience gained at international companies and with maximum professional expertise. We have been offering professional and integrated solutions both in IT and telecommunication for more than 8 years. For us innovation is the basis of not only our client’s success but also our corporate culture.

Our Services

Our company offers IT and telecommunication services tailored to the needs of our clients, focusing mainly on telecommunication and mobile networks. We provide high-standard advisory services from business and technical analyses through development and testing to project management consultations. We are working on the design and development of services that provide automated and innovative opportunities to our clients in their work processes. All our services are customised, focusing on the needs of our clients.

Smartphone and tablet data synchronization, woman syncing files and documents on personal wireless electronic devices at home, selective focus with shallow depth of field.

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Matritel Kft. Hungary

Székhely: 1082 Budapest (Hungary), Baross utca 114-116/309.

Telephely: 1094 Budapest (Hungary), Soroksári út 48.

+36 70 636 4369

EU Tax Nr.: HU14397466

Company Registration Nr.: 01-09-902027 (Fővárosi Bíróság)

Iparkamara: Budapesti Iparkamara

Tárhelyszolgáltató: FBS Hungary Kft., 2013 Pomáz, Liliom utca 84.-86.,

Matritel GmbH

2100 Korneuburg, Austria, Dr. Marx Burckhard Ring 5/5

Firmenbuch Nr: FN 428687 y

Firmengericht: Korneuburg

EU tax number: ATU69318106

Gewerbe: EDV Dienstleistungen / Unternehmensberatung eingeschränkt auf Organisation / Überlassung von Arbeitskräften

Mitglied der WKÖ, WKNÖ


Bezirkshauptmannschaft Korneuburg